How to Produce Organic Fertilizer?

Organic fertilizers are also called "farm fertilizers". Organic fertilizers are those that use organic substances (compounds containing carbon elements) as fertilizers. Including human manure, barnyard manure, compost, green manure, cake manure, methane fertilizer, etc. It has many kinds, wide sources and longer fertilizer effect. The nutrient elements contained in organic fertilizers are mostly in an organic state, and it is difficult for crops to directly use them. Through the action of microorganisms, a variety of nutrient elements are slowly released to continuously supply nutrients to crops. Applying organic fertilizer can improve soil structure, effectively coordinate water, fertilizer, gas and heat in soil, and improve soil fertility and land productivity.
Raw materials are transformed into organic fertilizer with the help of organic fertilizer equipment. We are the leading organic fertilizer machine manufacturer in China and the leading organic fertilizer production line manufacturer in China. Our organic fertilizer production line is sold all over the world.
Raw materials of Organic Fertilizer Production Line:1.Agricultural waste: rice straw, rice bran, and so on.2.Animal manure: chicken manure, pigs, cattle, sheep dung, etc.3.Industrial waste: distiller's grains, sugar residue and so on.4.Domestic waste: kitchen waste, vegetable market and slaughterhouse waste.5.Municipal sludge: River silt, sewage sludge, etc.
The first step in the production of organic fertilizers is fermentation, through which the harmful substances in the raw materials are killed and the raw materials are decomposed into nutrients needed by plants,We have a variety of fermentation equipment, complete models, for your choice.
After fermentation, organic fertilizer can be produced by organic fertilizer production line, Taking the organic fertilizer production line of granulator as a new type of organic fertilizer granulator as an example. The video is as follows.

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