How to deal with livestock manure? How much is the complete set of organic fertilizer production equipment?

Organic fertilizer production equipment technology uses livestock manure, crop straw, leaves, weeds, sawdust, distiller's grains, furfural residue and other organic wastes as raw materials. First, the moisture content of raw materials should be controlled at about 70%. If the moisture content of raw materials is less, it should be watered thoroughly to ensure proper moisture content. The longer crop straws need to be crushed. For every 1000 kg of raw materials and 1 kg of bacteria liquid, they should be sprinkled in the raw materials, turned over and mixed evenly, and then piled into a strip pile of 2 meters in width, 1 meter in height and unlimited in length. The fermentation was carried out with a fermentation tipping machine.

organic fertilizer production equipment
After 24 hours, the temperature in the pile can reach 50 ℃ or so, and it can rise to 70 ℃ or so in 48 hours. After several days of continuous high temperature, the pile temperature gradually decreases. About two weeks, the raw materials after fermentation are all rotten, the insect eggs, grass seeds and pathogenic bacteria in the raw materials are all killed, the straw becomes brown or dark brown, and the pile collapses 1 / 3 or 1 / 2 than when it was just piled. The raw material after fermentation is soft and elastic, and it is brittle and easy to break when dry. At this time, the fermentation process of raw materials is completed, and the organic fertilizer fermented by this method can be directly used as base fertilizer for crops, and can also be crushed and screened.

The equipment of organic fertilizer production line includes: organic fertilizer compost turning machine, semi wet material crusher, bedroom mixer (auxiliary materials can be selected), drum screening machine, belt conveyor (belt length depends on the site), automatic packaging machine.

The investment of small-scale organic fertilizer production line is small, but the organic fertilizer can still be sold on the market, which solves the situation of many customers who want to invest in the industry but have little capital, and is favored by customers. As each customer's raw materials and the specific requirements of the equipment are different, so here we do not provide specific organic fertilizer production plant cost.