How much money does pig manure organic fertilizer production need?

The production of pig manure organic fertilizer generally needs to go through crushing, compost fermentation, screening, adding N, P, K and mixing evenly. If necessary, organic fertilizer can be granulated, dried and cooled, coated, finished products graded, and packed in bags.

The investment of simple organic fertilizer production process equipment is 50-100 thousand yuan, and the equipment of complex and high-yield production line with precision processing is 1-2 million yuan. From this, we can see that the equipment of organic fertilizer production line can be deleted and increased according to the actual needs of customers, so the price of a set of fertilizer processing equipment often varies greatly according to different needs of customers.

Different production capacity of organic fertilizer production line leads to different equipment configuration, so the price of production equipment will be different. For the same production capacity, the granular organic fertilizer production plant cost is 80-150000 yuan lower than that of powdery organic fertilizer.

How much money does pig manure organic fertilizer production need?
Complete organic fertilizer production process flow
①Fermentation and deodorization of raw materials---②Raw material crushing----③Automatic raw material batching system----④Mixing-----⑤Organic fertilizer granulation, roller granulation, extrusion granulation, disc manufacturing Granules (a variety of organic fertilizer granulation equipment can be selected) ----- ⑥ Dryer drying organic fertilizer granules --- ⑦ Cooler (cooling and cooling organic fertilizer granules) ----- ⑧ Screening machine (screening Produce qualified organic fertilizer granules) ------⑨ Coating machine coated granules (increases the gloss of the product and sells well, and the coating raw materials have no adverse effect on fertilizer efficiency) -----⑩Packing machine (automatic weighing, filling Bag, automatic sealing).