How much money does animal manure need to invest in organic fertilizer equipment?

The equipment investment of chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure organic fertilizer production line can be large or small, if the production of powdery organic fertilizer, only need to invest in a fermentation equipment, fertilizer crusher, screening machine. The investment is more than 60000 yuan. If the granular organic fertilizer is produced, the granulator and dryer of organic fertilizer need to be added, and the annual output of organic fertilizer is 10000 tons. Generally, cooling machine is not needed. The investment is about 200000 yuan. The construction site can be large or small, and the general site needs 3 to 5 mu of land.

How much money does animal manure need to invest in organic fertilizer equipment?
The production process of organic fertilizer production line equipment is as follows: ① raw material fermentation --- ② raw material computer belt scale automatic batching --- ③ crushing --- mixing and mixing ----- ④ granulation ----- ⑤ drying particles --- ⑥ cooling ----- ⑦ screening qualified organic fertilizer particles by screening machine ----- ⑧ coating machine ---- ⑨ Automatic packing and metering filling machine.

Organic fertilizer production line is a complete set of equipment, according to the actual production needs of different configuration, different production line configuration price is not the same. The organic fertilizer production plant cost is hundreds of thousands to millions.

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