How much is the cost investment of an organic fertilizer processing plant?

In fact, the site rent and the cost of organic fertilizer equipment should be considered in the investment of organic fertilizer processing plant.
1. Site rent
According to the local conditions and policies, the rent of each mu is about 50000-150000 yuan. You can learn about the local situation.
2. Cost of organic fertilizer equipment
An organic fertilizer production line can be divided into small-sized, medium-sized and large-scale. According to the process, it can be divided into organic fertilizer powder production line and organic fertilizer granule production line. The difference between them lies in the granulation process of organic fertilizer. The common small-scale organic fertilizer production line is mainly powder fertilizer, which is characterized by low overall investment price, low cost and low technical requirements, which is suitable for large-scale cultivation and cultivation enterprises and small fertilizer plants.
How much is the cost investment of an organic fertilizer processing plant?
The complete set of organic fertilizer production line is equipped with traditional granulation equipment, such as agitating teeth granulation, extrusion granulation, disc granulation or drum granulation. The granulated organic fertilizer production line needs to be equipped with dryer, cooler and other complete equipment with organic fertilizer production plant cost price ranging from 200000 to 300000. The organic fertilizer production line equipment occupies a small area of ground, saves money and manpower, and has a good effect. It is the first choice for small investment.

Organic fertilizer production equipment can greatly save the production cost of organic fertilizer and other products, improve the production efficiency, so as to ensure that the quality of products produced is good and the batch is large, so as to meet the needs of the majority of users. In order to develop well in these aspects, the development of organic fertilizer production process equipment plays a key role. If we want to develop agriculture well, protect the environment and improve economic efficiency, we need to make great efforts to improve and update the organic fertilizer equipment and lay a good foundation. Grasp every detail and do a good job in production and development.