What is the function of fermented chicken manure organic fertilizer?

 The raw materials of making organic fertilizr,like the cow manure,chicken manure and so on.But to be used of these raw materials,we are first to ferment the raw materials,so what is the function of fermented chicken manure organic fertilizer?What type fertilizer equipment to be equipped in organic fertilizer manufacturing process?
1.It can produce many kinds of enzymes and inhibit the soil borne disease,such as continuous cropping disease,root knot nematode disease,fusarium wilt,bacteria wilt and bilght.
2.It contains benefical microorganisms which can activate nitrogen in the air,decompose and release insoluble phosphores and potassium nutrients.Supplement soil organic matter and slowly release nutrients needed for crop growth.
3.Improve the physical properties of the soil,keep the soil soft and easy to cultivate,promote the soil aggregate structure,increase the soil pores and increase the growth of root groups.Increase soil water and fertilizer holding capacity and reduce leaching loss.
4.Green environmental protection,improve fertilizer efficiency.The organic fertilizer fermented by this product has no toxic side effects,which can improve the crop and soil environment.It can be mixed with inorganic fertilizer to greatly improve the efficiency of fertilizer use and save costs.
5.Strong roots,strong seedings,diseases preveation and resistance.The large-scale propagation of benefical microorganisms secretes hormones,polysaccharides and other metabolites to the outside world,inhabits the growth of soil pathogens,promotes the development of crop roots,grows vigorously,and reduces the spread of various diseases.
In organic fertilizer production line,fermenting the raw materials we usually recommond to use the fermentation compost turner machine.The fermented chicken manure not only can be used to produce organic fertilizer,it also can be used in biofertilizer production to make bio organic fertilizer.
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