How to transfer the food waste to the organic fertilizer?

 Withe the increasing of the population and the scale of the city expand,the discharge of food waste is always increasing.Alarge number of food waste has caused serious pollution,it harms climate,water land and the environment problems.So how can we solve the problems?The organic fertilizer nees is also increasing with the farming development.The fertilizer manufacturing technology is also developoed,now we can use the fertilizer manufacturing technology to produce the organic fertilizer.Using all types fertilizer equipment to produce the organic fertilizer ,using the technology to make the food waste into the raw materials of producing the organic fertilizer.
Why the food waste waste could be processed into organic fertilizer?
Fruits,vegetables,dariy products,grains,bread,coffee,meats and newspaper can be composted by using the fermentation composting technology or the natural fermentation.Food waste is unique as a compost agent,it is the main source of organic matters.Food  waste includes various chemical elements,such as starch,cellulose,protein lipids and inorganic salts,and N,P,K Fe,K some trace elements.Food waste has a good biodegradable rate,which can reach 85%.It has great recycling value with many characteristics,such as high organic matter,high water content and abundant nutrient elements.Food waste has a high moisture content and low physical structure,it is important to mix fresh food waste with a bulking agent that will absorb some of the excess moisture as well as add structure to the mix.
The designing of the organic fertilizer production line:
We have known the reason that the food can be produced into organic fertilizer,now we share more about the technology to produce the food into organic fertilizer.Designing a complete organic fertilizer production line is necessary to produce the organic fertilizer granulator or organic fertilizer powdery.The different type and series fertilizer equipment to be equipped in the fertilizer production line is necessary.The basic flow can be divided into the flowing parts:
1.The food waste has to be predehydrated firstly because it contains too much swill.
2.Remove the inorganic waste in food waste by sorting,such as:metal,wood,plastic,paper,fabric,etc.
3.After sorting,the food waste is seent into the screw type soild liquid separator for crushing,dehydration and degrease.
4.The extruded food waste id dried and sterilizer at high temperature to remove the excess moisture and various pathogentic microorganisms.
5.The water removed from food waste is a mixture of oil water ,which is separated by separator.The separated oil is obtained through deep processing to get bio diesel or industrial oil.
organic fertilizer production line
Composting parts:
Windrow composting technology to be used to compost  the raw materials,which is fully to use the high temperature aerobic fermentation technology.The fermentation is strated by naturally occuring micro-organisms in the food waste,they break down the compost materials,releasing the nutrients,increasing the temperature to the 60-70 needed to kill pathogens and weed seeds and meet the regulations for processing organic waste.Using the fermenting compostig technology to ferment the raw materials just 4-7 days,the compost is discharged,which is sanitized rich in organic material and has balanced a nutrient value.Using the fermenting technology to finish the production process not only can save more time of the fermenting,it also can save the land for filling,protect the environement and produce certain economic benefits.
Organic fertilizer granular play an important role in the fertilizer supply strategies worldwide.The key to improve the yield of organic fertilizer is to choose suitable organic fertilizer granulator machine.Producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we can use the disc granulator or the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine to finish the granulating process.Using the disc granulator machine to produce the organic fertilizer granulator using the extrusion method to finish the fertilizer granulating process.
Besides these type granulator machine to be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator,the rotary drum granulator machine is designed also to suitable for being used in the organic fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer granulator,which this type fertilizer granulator machine most of time to be used in the npk fertilizer manufacturing process to produce the compound fertilizer granulator.
The general process of making the food waste into the fertilizer around these process,and in the fertilizer manufacturing process using the fertilizer manufacturing technology to finish the fertilizer not only supply a good method for reducing the pollution of the environment,it also improves the working efficient of producing the fertilizer.Besides the organic fertilizer production line can be designed for producing the organic fertilizer,these food waste also can be as the raw materials of the bio organic fertilizer in the biofertilizer production process.