Fertilizer equipment--the fermentation compost turner machine

 Different type fertilizer equipment are designed for producing the organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer.Different type fertilizer machines serries are equipped in the fertilizer manufacturing process.There we share more information about the fermentation compost turner machine.
What is a dumper?What is a tipper?Let's make a detailed introduction today.
The dumper is a kind of equipment for organic fertilizer fermentation.It is a kind of industrial fermentation treatment using animal manure,domestic garbage,sludge,crop straw and other organic solids.The pusher can ferment the uniformity of fermentation materials.Thus,the front of the fermentation tank can be put in or out freely,and wastes such as feces can stay for a long time.
The stacker is suitable for the fermentation and pushing of livestock manure,sludge waste,filter mud of sugar factory,dregs,cake,straw sawdust and other organic wastes.It is widely used in the fermentation,ripening and water removing operations of organic fertilizer factory,compound fertilizer factory,sludge waste factory,horticultural field and agaricus bisporus planting factory.
Applicable scope of tipping machine:The tipping and throwing machine is suitable for the fermentation of livestock and polutry manure,sludge waste,sludge cake and straw sawdust and other organic wastes.It is also suitable for organic fertilizer production line,compound fertiizer production line,sludge waste plant and so on.It is an indispensable fertilizer equipment for fermentation,decomposition and water removal.The equipment is suitable for aerobic fermentation,and the operation function of one machine with multiple tanks can be realized when the fermentation tank and the transfer car are used together.
fertilizer equipment
The new technology of deep pool design in underground space and long-disttance dumping is to make full use of the limited ground area to make the organic waste reach harmless treatment and large-scale production.
The stucture of the titer is compact and the technology is advanced.The utilization of some benefical microorganisms can promote the rapid maturity of organic wastes such as livestock and polutry excrement.The unique aerobic fermentation technology is adopted to make the organic wastes quickly mature,remove water,sterilize and deodorize,so as to achieve the purpose of harmless,resource based and reduction treatment.The fermetation cycle is short,the engery consumption is low and the product quality is stable.
We are as the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers of producing and designing all types of fertilizer machines and fertilizer production lines for many years,and our products export to all over the world.In the different type fertilizer manufacturing process,we designed and equipped with different type fertilizer machines.Such as in the npk fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with the fertilizer granulator machine with it can be the rotatry drum granulator machine or it also can be the roller press granulator machine to produce the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.Our main products are the fertilizer granulator machine,fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine and fermentation compost turner machine.And every series fertilizer machines are also designed different type to be used in different type fertilizer manufacturing process.
The video of the fertilizer manufacturing process: