Factors affecting fermentation process of organic manure compost

Compost fermentation process is more used in organic fertilizer production process, which can realize harmless treatment and avoid secondary pollution.
Its follow-up production process is similar to other organic fertilizer production processes. Firstly, the fermented materials are crushed, and then mixed with other materials, and the mixed materials can be granulated.
The granulation process of the organic fertilizer production line will also be different because of the difference between different materials, so as to meet the specified scale requirements of the organic fertilizer, and then enter the granulation, drying, cooling unit, weighing and packaging to complete the production of the finished product.
Factors affecting fermentation process of organic manure compost
Now let's talk about the composting links in the organic fertilizer production line in detail about the factors that can affect the composting effect.
1. C / N ratio. Control it at 25-30:1.
2. Temperature. The maximum temperature is about 65 ℃.
3. Water content. The initial water content should be controlled at about 50-55%.
4. Particle size of material. At the beginning, it is better to control below 2cm.
5. Turn over the pile. The purpose of turning over the pile is to ferment evenly, improve the maturity, supplement oxygen, and reduce water and temperature.