Equipment processing process of organic fertilizer production line

The development of livestock manure organic fertilizer production line and system will be conducive to the formation of livestock manure harmless treatment, resource utilization, commercialized operation and production industry chain, achieve the goal of industrialization, marketization and large-scale production, and effectively promote the development of ecological agriculture and circular economy in the city.

In the organic fertilizer production process, organic fertilizer can be divided into powder organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer. Among them, the process of powdery organic fertilizer is relatively simple: detect the composition of your raw materials (such as plant ash, furfural residue, humic acid, etc.), know the accurate nutrient composition and nutrient composition proportion of each raw material, which plays an important role in the production process of organic fertilizer; the general production process of organic fertilizer requires that the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium exceed 4%, and the organic matter exceed 30%, which can meet the requirements This kind of organic fertilizer production process can be mixed, crushed and packaged.
organic fertilizer production line
Granular organic fertilizer needs equipment, such as wet organic fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, organic fertilizer granulator or disc granulator or roller extrusion granulator. The production process of organic fertilizer requires that the raw materials are basically the same as the powder fertilizer, but after the binder is added, the particles of the finished product need to be dried by a rotary dryer.

Process flow of organic fertilizer production line: raw material selection (animal manure, etc.) - > drying - > ingredient mixing - > granulation - > cooling screening - > metering and sealing - > finished product warehousing.

The construction period of organic fertilizer production line project is short, the risk is small, and the payback period is short. Generally, the investment is recovered in one year and the profit is generated in that year.