Equipment cost of investment in organic fertilizer production process

 In recent years, organic fertilizer production process equipment has penetrated into the production of various industries, such as granulator, pulverizer, dryer, etc., and has fully played its own role in their own jobs. To work for enterprises and contribute to the commodity market.

The organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 5000 tons requires about 700m fermentation tank plant, 500m processing plant and 400m warehouse and office area. The organic fertilizer production plant cost is about 350000 to 500000 yuan.
Equipment cost of investment in organic fertilizer production process
The selection of high-quality organic fertilizer production equipment by organic fertilizer plants can enhance the market quality of enterprise commodities. We take the production equipment of organic fertilizer as an example. Its appearance has made the enterprise enter the era of mechanization, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved.

The higher the production capacity, the greater the investment in fertilizer production machinery, the lower the production capacity, the smaller the investment. If conditions permit, it can be directly made into high-efficiency organic-inorganic compound fertilizer based on organic fertilizer. The market benefit is many times that of organic fertilizer. The investment in fertilizer production equipment is about 100,000 yuan higher than that of the original organic fertilizer production line.