Cow manure organic fertilizer granulator

 The cow manure is a kind of good raw material of making organic fertilizer granulator.So how we to use the cow manure to make organic fertilizer granulator?The fertilizer manufacturing process of making organic fertilizer granulator is designed and many fertilizer machines are equipped in the fertilizer production line.The fertilizer granulator are produced by the fertilizer manufacturing process improve the producivity.
To use cow manure to process organic fertilizer,firstly,the cow manure should be aired or drained to keep the water content below 85%,and then the straw should be added to grasp the ratio of cow manure and straw.Finally,organic fertilizer fermented decomposting agent is added.After mixing the cow manure with other materials  using the fertilizer mixer machine.Then making them into fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine.It is need to be noticed that the choice of the fertilizer granulator machine,which all types of fertilizer granulator machine designed for different type fertilizer.In the line,the rotary drum granulator machine is designed in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.After granulating,the fertilizer granulator need to dry the moisture in the fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer dryer machine.
The cow manure is a kind of  raw material to make organic fertilizer granulator and using the cow manure need to be noticed that the cow manure need to be fermented before producing the organic fertilizer granulator.As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are now continuously developed new fertilizer machines to be made it suitable for producing the different fertilizer granulator.