Cow manure will be used for organic fertilizer as raw materials

How much does it cost to process cow manure in organic fertilizer production line?
It is a large beef cattle breeding county. In the past, it did not pay enough attention to the treatment of cow dung. There were basically no cow dung treatment facilities. 99% of cow dung was in a state of accumulation, which not only occupied a lot of land, but also polluted the environment. In response to this situation, the Hengdu Beef Cattle Farm in Jianguo Village, Gaojia Town, the county introduced an enterprise "park" to process cow dung into organic fertilizer, using new technologies such as rapid continuous fermentation and agricultural waste microbial complex bacteria to achieve Zero emissions of pollutants.

NPK compost fertilizer production line

NPK fertilizer production line utilizes granulation technology for pelletizing.And your materials for granulating should be powders.And then our granulator will pelletize your NPK powder into granules uniformly.Here we provide you pan granulation machine and NPK compound fertilizer roller compsctor for granulating.With our granulation equipment,you can get well NPK manufacturing process pelletizing NPK,it is alternative for you to choose the shape of granules.