Summary of pelletizing process of compound fertilizer equipment

 Fertilizer equipment to be designed and used in different type fertilizer production line.There we share the compound fertilizer equipment and the fertilizer production process.Among the compound fertilizer equipments,granulator is the most important one,becasue after a whole compound fertilizer production line is put into production,the level of yield affects the production cost,and the main factor determining the level of yield lies in the granulation process.
1.Granulating process and equipment charcteristics of compound fertilizer equipment
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,conventional production methods of granular fertilizer:conventional production methods of granular fertilizer are divided into extrusion method and aggregate method.The ring mode,flat mode and counter roller press granulator are used in extrusion granulation.During the granulation process,the ring mode and template are severly worn,with short service life,high equipment maintenance cost and large power consumption.Moreover,the extruded particles are cylindrical or flat,wwith poor fluidity,so they are not suitable for mechanized fertilization.The pelletilizer and drum pelletilizer are used for pelletilizing.They are used to crush the dried organic raw materials which to be used in organic fertilizer production line,and chemical fertilizers into powder,and then use the disc pelletilizer or drum granulator to roll the materials inrto granules.
biofertilizer production
2.Processing organic fertilizer with compound fertilizer equipment
Although it is organic fertilizer,the compound fertilizer equipment is also suitable for the processing of such products.First,organic materials such as feces are fermented,during which the fermentation cycle can be shortened by adding fermentation bacteria.If the water conten of the material is large,the dehydrator can be used first to reduce the water content,or the dry straw powder can be added to reduce the water content to the optimal range required by the fermentation,so that the manure of livestock and polutry can be completely decomposed in about two weeks.The pretreated raw materials can then be put into the organic fertilizer granulator such as disc granulator for biofertilizer production.The inclined disc rotates continuously,and the powdery materials gradually roll into granules.Du to the high moisture content of the produced granular fertilizer,it is still necessary to reduce the moisture content of the granules by the dryer,cooler and other organic fertilizer equipment,so as to prevent the agglomeration caused by the stacking pressure after the packaging and warehousing block.In order to improve the productivity of the dryer with large diameter and length is usually selected to increase the effective volume of the drum and extend the drying time of the material.The dryers of different specifications must be  equipped with matching oil fired fumaces for heating and induced draft fans with corresponding air volume.In addition,if the fertilizer contains microbial active bacteria,the hot air temperature entering the drum dryer shall not be too high.It has become the key to improve drying efficiency and reduce equipment investment to detrmine the optimal temperature of hot air and the retention time of materials in the drum dryer.