Composting fermentation of organic fertilizer production process

The composting of organic fertilizer production process is a traditional biological method for the treatment of straw and livestock manure. It is necessary to ferment the degradable organic matter in livestock manure and straw through the action of microorganisms under certain conditions, and then get the products with certain fertilizer efficiency after being decomposed. After continuous improvement and optimization, the composting of organic fertilizer production process has developed towards mechanization and commercialization, and has become one of the effective methods to treat livestock manure and straw.
Composting fermentation of organic fertilizer production process
Attention should be paid to the following aspects in composting fermentation of organic fertilizer production process
  1. (1) The composting water content of organic fertilizer production line should be 60% - 75% of the dry material, that is, when the material is held tightly by hand, there will be water droplets extrusion, indicating that the moisture content is moderate.
  2. (2) In the early stage of composting, good ventilation conditions should be maintained. If necessary, aeration tower, ventilation ditch and trough compost machine can be set. In the later stage, the aeration tower can be removed and the ventilation ditch can be blocked. Methods such as compaction, mud sealing and plastic cloth covering can be used to preserve nutrients and promote the accumulation of humus.
  3. (3) The internal temperature of compost can be controlled between 50 ℃ and 60 ℃. When the temperature is higher than 65 ℃, the compost can be turned over or water can be added to cool down the temperature to facilitate the preservation of nitrogen.
  4. (4) The C / N ratio of composting material is 25:1, which is conducive to the decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms. Urea can be added appropriately in the process of straw fertilizer composting.
  5. (5) Control the appropriate pH value. During composting, 1-1.5 kg lime and other alkaline substances were added to every 50 kg straw to adjust the pH value of compost to about 7.5.