Complete set of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line equipment

Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line equipment, reasonable design, can make full use of space, combined with the actual situation, reasonable layout. Starting from fermentation equipment, double shaft mixing equipment, semi wet material crushing equipment, chicken manure organic fertilizer granulator, drum screening machine, dryer, cooler, packaging machine. The whole production line only needs 2-6 people to start the equipment with an annual output of more than 50000 tons. Production line integration can effectively save labor and various costs.
organic fertilizer production line
The equipment of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line plays an important role in the production line
1. Organic fertilizer fermentation compost turner: ferment and dump the materials in the fermentation process.
2. Organic fertilizer crusher: crushing and pulverizing high humidity materials and other raw materials in the production process.
3. Organic fertilizer mixer: mixing a variety of raw materials.
4. Organic fertilizer granulator: granulate the mixed materials; Easy to sort and package.
5. Organic fertilizer dryer: drying granular materials with certain humidity.
6. Organic fertilizer Cooler: quickly cool the dried materials to increase the production efficiency.
7. Organic fertilizer screening machine: screening and grading the finished fertilizer.
8. Granule coating machine: coating the granule to prevent fertilizer caking.
9. Automatic weighing and packaging machine: quantitative bagging and packaging of finished products. 

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