Comparison of pelletilizer new pelletilizer process and disc pelletilizer process

 The production process are designed for different and using different producing method.When granulating,the fertilizer granulator machine is the main fertilizer equipment in the fertilizer manufacturing process.What differences of the two type machine to make granulator?
Comparsion of new type organic fertilizer granulator pelletilizing process and disc granulator process to produe organic fertilizer granulator:
Different granulating process of organic fertilizer refer to different kinds of granulators,which directly affect the price of the whole set of organic fertilizer equipment.All  types of organic fertilizer pelletilizer,organic-inorganic compound fertilizer combined pelletilizer and disc pelletilizer,the difference of their process technology results in their price difference.In this paper,based on the difference of technology between the twwo kinds of organic fertilizer granulators,we will provide you with the strategies for the selection of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer compound fertilizer and disk pelletilizer.
Technology of new type organic fertilizer granulator and disc granulator for organic-inorganic compound fertilizer:
Using organic fertilizer granulator to process granular organic fertilizer,the granulator provided for users includes new type organic fertilizer granulator,new compound fertilizer granulator,roller press granulator,disc granulator ,flat die granulator and ring die granulator and so on.Firstly,there we look at the new organic-inorganic combined granulator and disc granulator process differences.

The processes of the two organic fertilizer granulator are generally as follows:
The organic fertilizer production line includes:raw material selection(chicken manure),fermentation the raw materials using the fermenting technology,ingredients mixing,granulation,cooling and screening,metering and sealing,warehousing of finished products.The complete equipment of orgnaic fertilizer production line is mainly composed of fermentation system,drying system,deodorization and dust removal system,crushing system,batching system,mixing system,granulation system,screening system and finished product packaging system.
The new organic -inorganic compound fertilizer combined granulator the new organic-inorganic compound fertilizer combined granulator is  a better process for organic-inorganic granulator.Using two-stage granulation is an ideal process product of organic and inorganic granulation.The specifical design inside is not easy to stick to the wall,and the output is high.It can also be used to make high nitrogen fertilizer and other compound fertilizers.This granulation process can be used for raw materials with high viscosity.The wet continuous pusher granulation process is adopted.The rotor of the machine is driven by the reducer and the transmission part pushes the material into the feed port of the machine body,and then the rotor continuously pushes and the machine body rotates to achieve the purpose of granulation.
As the professional ferrtilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only design the organic fertilizer production line,we also design the biofertilizer production line to produce the bio organic fertilizer granulator.In the bio organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with different type and series fertilizer machine to produce the bio organic fertilizer granulator.More other type and series fertilizer production line to be designed for different type fertilizer.