What should be pay attention to mix use organic,chemical fertilizer?

Producing the organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer can use the organic fertilizer production line and npk compound fertilizer production line.When mixing use the organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer,what should be paid attention.
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,using fertilizer machine to finish the production process of organic fertilizer nt only improve the working efficient,it also improve the producing efficient.
The effect of organic fertilizer is slow,so it should be applied in advanced.Generally,it should be applied at the bottom once before sowing or planting.Before using,it is better to choose the organic fertilizer which is completely fermented and rotten.In the later stage,the effect of topdressing is not as obvious as that of bottom dressing.
2.Chemical fertilizer has a quick effect.It should be applied about one weel in advance when it is used as base fertilizer.It should be applied before the critical period of crop nutrition or the peak period of absorbing nutirtion when topdressing to meet its needs.
3.Biological bacterial fertilizer can play the role of bacteriostasis only after number of reproduction in the soil.Therefore,it should be applied in advance before planting,so that it has the time of reproduction and expeansion.It can be applied in the soil together with organic fertilizer,or in the hole before or during planting.
Pay attention to the application method:
1)The main function of organic fertilizer is to improve the soil,but also to provide nutrients.Generally,the organic fertilizer should be applied to the soil before the crops.Therefore,it s necessary to combine the deep ploughing,so that the organic fertilizer and the soil are completly mixed,so asw to achieve the purpose of improving the soil.When the soil problem is serieous,it is necessary to use the organic fertilizer with humus,which can improve the soil heavy metal to better improve the soil environment.Balanced nutrition,increase soil aggregate structure etc..
2)In the base fertilizer,bacause the nutrients in the organic fertilizer are mainly phosphorus,potassium and nitrogen,it is necessary to use less chemical fertilizer in combination with the organic fertilizer.Phosphate and potash can be used as base fertilizer in one time.Due to poor mobility of phosphate,the effect of topdressing in later stage is very poor,so phosphate should be used as base fertilizer in soil.
npk fertilizer poduction line

4. Due to the small amount of biological bacterial fertilizer, it can be applied in the planting hole or along with the organic fertilizer. In the later stage, the same biological fertilizer can be applied for many times to expand the flora and improve the ability of phosphorus and potassium dissolution and the effect of disease prevention.
3、 Pay attention to the application amount
Different crops need different amounts of fertilizer in different growth periods, so they can't apply more or less. They should be fertilized according to the proportion of fertilizer they need. At the same time, they should also pay attention to the nutrient elements in the soil and make a comprehensive consideration. It is better to carry out a soil test and apply fertilizer according to the soil test formula.
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