Production process and technology of bio organic fertilizer

The biofertilizer production line is designed for producing the bioorganic fertilizer granulator.In the fertilizer manufacturing process it is designed and equipped with different type fertilizer machines to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.The line is designed for produdcing the bioorganic fertilizer.What type fertilizer equipment are needed to be used in the fertilizer manufacturing process?
Bio organic fertilizer production technology and the technology content of bioorganic fertilizer production is relatively high.In addition to adding biological agents to promote the maturity and decomposition of organic materials in the process of maturity,in order to achieve the purpose of directional maturity and deodorization,the products also need to add microorganisms with specific functions to improve the effect of the products.
1.The production process of bioorganic fertilizer enterprises registered by the ministry of agricultural is mainly engaged in the production of microbial fertilizer.In the fermentation fertilizer manufacturing process,the tamk stacking fermentation method is mostly used.There are other fermentation methods,such as flat stacking fermentation method,fermentation tank fermentation method,sealed warehouse fermenntation method,etc,which are also applied in the production.The adjustment of nitrogen ratio,temperature and the use of ripening agent are the key to the production process,especially the application of bacterial agent has a direct impact on the fermentation cycle and the degree of ripeness of the material.After the ripening of the material,the product is basically harmless,which is also conducive to the survival of the functional bacterial in the post--treatment process.
In the post-treatment of fermentation materials,most enterprises add functional bacterial for compounding and shaping.The product dosage form is mainly composed of dust,but there are also pelletilized by roller or extrusion.The granular product overcomes the disadvantages of poor appearance and low level powder product,improves the products mechantability,but also improves the production cost of the enterprise,and it has a certain impact on the survival of effect bacteria ring.
2.The type and use of microbial strains are the core of bio organic fertilizer products.In the production process,there are generally two links related to the use of microorganisms:The first to add a ripening bacteria agent which can promote the decomposition of materials and has the function of deodorization during the ripening process.It is mainly composed of complex bacteria,including photosynthetic bacteria,lactic acid bacteria,yeast,actinomycete,peniccillium,trichodema etc;the second is to add functional bacteria after the materials are ripened,generally including homonitrogen bacteria,phosphate dissolving bacteria,lactic acid bacteria,peseudomonas,actinomycete,etc,Therefore,for the production of bio organic fertilizer,the selection and use of micorbial strains is a core technology.Only by mastering this key technology can we speed up the decomposition and maturity of materials and ensure the application effect of products.
3.Sales and application because the production cost of bio organic fertilizer is higher than that of ordinary organic fertilizer,it is mainly used in high value-added economic crops such as vegetables,fruits,Chinese herbal medicines,and has achieved good results.
Bio organic fertilizer plays an irreplaceable role in improving the quality of agricultural products,but there are still some difficulities in production and sales.This is because the high quality  agricultural products have not achieved high and good great difficulties.
In recent years,bio organic fertilizer has been widely used in some ecological decompostration areas,green and organic agricultural products bases,whichi is the main development direction of bio organic fertilizer in the furture.With the expansion of production scale of green  organic agricultural products and the improvement of people'sconsumption level,the production and application of bio organic fertilizer must be the mainstream.

biofertilizer production
More other type fertilizer equipment are designed and equipped in different type fertilizer production line to finish the fertilizer production process.
We are as the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers of producing the fertilizer machines and designing the fertilizer production lines for many years,we can design different type fertilizer production lines ,for example,the organic fertilizer production line,which is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator.The designing of the fertilizer productioin line is designed has many advantages,such as improving the working efficient,and simiplify the production process in the fertilizer manufacturing process.