Animal manure will be used for bio-organic fertilizer

The organic fertilizer production line is a streamlined production operation mainly composed of a new organic fertilizer granulator. Each of them is very important. Especially in the production process, the idler determines whether the production is running efficiently. There is a traditional use of the organic fertilizer equipment production line. The characteristics add luster to people, and it is widely understood what kind of performance they have. 

bio fertilizer production

The raw materials such as animal manure are fermented and rotten.Animal manure and other raw materials undergo fermentation and decay. 
However, chicken manure is a good choice.Bio organic fertilizer production will be designed for animal manure.

Due to the different materials of the utensils, the production process and structure of the mixing utensils will also be different, so it can be divided into steel mixing equipment, enamel glass mixing equipment and lining mixing equipment.