Bio-organic fertilizer ring die granulator

Bio-organic fertilizer ring die granulator can make straw, rice husk, feces and other wastes into organic fertilizer. It is an important granulating equipment for processing agricultural waste into organic fertilizer. A large number of straw burning causes serious pollution to the environment and affects people's health. Moreover, direct burning of straw has a low effect on soil fertility. Processing straw into organic fertilizer with high nutrient content not only avoids environmental pollution, but also has great returns, high product quality and low production cost. It is of great theoretical and practical significance to vigorously develop biomass fuels and reduce environmental pollution.  

Working principle of bio-organic fertilizer ring die granulator
Under a certain pressure and temperature environment, the bio-organic fertilizer ring die granulator compresses the pulverized bio-organic fertilizer powder into a cylindrical fertilizer. The granulator uses the extrusion and frictional force in the process of pressing roll and ring die movement to compact wood chips and straw in the die under high pressure and high temperature. The material enters between the ring die and the pressing roll. The ring die is driven by the motor through the reducer to rotate and extrude the die hole, finally forming granular material. The main parts of the ring die granulator are the granulating roller and the ring die. This type of granulator in our factory has two kinds: single-die and ring-die.

Bio-organic fertilizer ring die granulator features
1The organic fertilizer granulator has low energy consumption, simple structure and easy operation.

2Ring die granulator has many functions and can be used in one machine. It can not only produce organic fertilizer, but also be used for pellet processing such as feed.

3Organic fertilizer ring die granulator is small in size, small in power and large in output. It can be customized according to user's output.

4The ring die organic fertilizer production line can save drying and cooling treatment and save costs.
Bio-organic fertilizer ring die granulator

Ring die granulator application range
The ring die granulator can carry out organic fertilizer granulation of organic fertilizer sludge, straw, grass charcoal and the like.
With cake, vegetable cake, sesame cake and peanut cake as the main raw materials, the granulator carries out cake fertilizer granulation.
The ring die granulator can use corn, beans, straw, chicken manure, etc. as raw materials for feed and mixed feed.