Belt conveyors mainly play a connecting role in the npk compound fertilizer production line

The swing belt conveyor is a very important equipment and plays an important role in the npk fertilizer production line.
In the production of organic fertilizers, well-matched materials are transported to the fermentation tank. To play a connecting role, the confluent belt conveyor is connected to the front end of the swing belt conveyor through a rotating frame, and the rear end of the swing belt conveyor is also connected to the distributing machine. The forward and backward walking of the cloth conveyor drives the reciprocating motion of the swing belt conveyor to transfer the material. The advantage of this belt conveyor is that the front and rear ends can swing with the belts at both ends, and the flexibility is strong.
belt conveyor

The swing type belt conveyor is installed between the cloth distributing machine and the confluent belt conveyor, which is an important part of organic fertilizer production line. Oscillating belt conveyors mainly play a connecting role in the production of organic fertilizers.
The swing belt conveyor has a turret at the front and rear ends, which is a support to support the rotation of the belt conveyor, similar to a bearing. One end of the belt conveyor is fixed on the rotating frame of the confluent belt conveyor, and the other end is fixed on the rotating frame of the shuttle cloth conveyor. When the shuttle distributing machine travels back and forth, it drives the swing belt conveyor to rotate and move on the two rotating seats.

The introduction of the bio fertilizer production:
Bio organic fertilizer production to be used to make bio organic fertilizer granulator.
In the bio fertilizer production process,it is to be equipped with different type and series fertilizer equipment to make the bio organic fertilizer.