An organic fertilizer production line can process animal manure and organic fertilizer

Generally speaking, the production line of small animal manure organic fertilizer is an organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of less than 10000 tons. Generally speaking, the configuration of organic fertilizer production line is divided into three types: high configuration, medium configuration and low configuration. Small animal manure organic fertilizer production line uses low configuration, generally low configuration of organic fertilizer production line equipment includes: semi wet material grinder, horizontal mixer, new organic fertilizer granulator, automatic packaging. There are only four main equipment. In order to improve the production, our company can improve the existing equipment and add new equipment. Therefore, the price of a small organic fertilizer production line is about 100000 yuan.

The production line of small animal manure organic fertilizer provides a production scale of one million yuan according to the amount of funds; A production scale of several million yuan; Ten million production scale and other different personalized plant building programs and marketing and multi-dimensional profit programs.
Huaqiang organic fertilizer production line factory has a rapid fermentation system, which greatly shortens the time of "digesting" animal manure, and improves the efficiency of harmless treatment and resource utilization of waste. Through the fertilizer production machine into the mixer, after continuous heating and mixing, the black powder organic fertilizer is produced 24 hours later.