Process flow of organic fertilizer processing pig manure and cow manure with organic fertilizer equipment


How is the organic fertilizer production line for cow dung processed? Generally speaking, there are two ways to dispose cow dung to make organic fertilizer. One is processed into powdered organic fertilizer, and the other is processed into granular organic fertilizer.

In recent years, people have become more aware of the importance of a healthy diet. With the rapid development of the cattle industry, there are more and more large-scale cattle farms, which produce a large number of cow dung every day. Therefore, the disposal of cow dung has become a headache. In fact, cow dung is a good raw material for the production of organic fertilizer. Cow dung contains a large amount of organic matter and rich nutrients. Cow dung has fine texture and moderate water content. The finished organic fertilizer has slow decomposition speed and longer fertilizer effect.

Steps for processing cow manure organic fertilizer in cow manure organic fertilizer production line:

1. The trough tipper is used to toss and ferment the pig manure and cow manure added with starter.

2. Use the fertilizer crusher to crush the fertilizer.

3. Use the screening machine to screen the crushed fertilizer, and screen out the large agglomerates in the fertilizer that are not crushed for secondary crushing.

4. Organic fertilizer disc granulator or stock transfer granulator granulates the crushed fertilizer.

5. Use a cooler to cool the granulated organic fertilizer.

6. Use automatic packaging weighing machine to weigh fertilizer and plastic bag.