How to install the main accessories of disc granulator in organic fertilizer production line

Disc pan granulator is favored by fertilizer equipment industry for its simple structure, convenient maintenance and durability. It is mainly used in cement, chemical industry, medicine, metallurgy, feed and other industries, especially in fertilizer manufacturing process.
Installation of pan granulator :The overall structure of the disc granulator produced by our company includes the main part, spray pipe fittings, scraper assembly, etc., sealed with a sealing cover, the spray pipe and scraper assembly are hidden in the cover. Whether open or closed, we usually install the sprinkler fittings on the left side of the cross brace, the upper left side of the disc, and the upper right side for the scraper assembly. After many experiments, this layout can achieve satisfactory ball formation. The effect is more generous and beautiful in appearance.

Organic fertilizer equipment is a kind of equipment specializing in the production of organic fertilizer. The results of organic fertilizer are mainly powder and particles, which can be divided into two types: cylindrical particles and spherical particles. The production of powdered organic fertilizer is very simple. The process combination of organic fertilizer equipment is sorting, drying, fermentation, crushing, mixing and packaging. The production of granular organic fertilizer is complex, which can be realized by disc granulator and stirring granulator. Among them, the production of spherical organic fertilizer particles is more complex. The production of spherical organic fertilizer is based on the production of granular organic fertilizer, adding organic fertilizer spreader, drum screening machine, organic fertilizer packaging machine, etc.