How much does it cost to build an organic fertilizer production line to ferment chicken manure in a chicken farm?

 In recent years, the national policy is to vigorously develop the livestock breeding industry. Livestock breeding plays an important role in the breeding industry. The national policy is to let more regions get rich through the livestock breeding industry through breeding, so the livestock breeding industry needs investment in the early stage. How much does it cost and what fertilizer manufacturing equipment need to buy? Does it require professional and technical personnel to develop the breeding industry? The application of chicken manure turning machines, self-propelled turning and throwing machines, and how can the animal husbandry industry do better and go further, What issues need attention?

There are many types of environmental protection equipment for breeding. Different breeding requires different environmental protection equipment for breeding. Chicken breeding has special environmental protection equipment for breeding, solid-liquid separator, organic fertilizer turning machine, grinder, organic fertilizer granulator, etc. Therefore, different aquaculture products require different environments and equipment, depending on your own situation.

The working principle of chicken manure compost turning machine:
Chicken manure dumping machine is a kind of bio-organic fertilizer that uses the principle of oxygen-consuming fermentation to produce green, environmentally friendly and soil-improving bio-organic fertilizer from poultry manure, agricultural waste, sugar factory filter sludge, sludge, and domestic garbage. It can achieve one-day temperature rise, 3-5 days deodorization, sterilization (can kill eggs, bacteria, etc. in the feces), and seven days to become fertilizer. It is faster and more efficient than other mechanical fermentation methods. Some auxiliary facilities can also be added according to customer requirements, such as automatic sprinkling devices.

Chicken manure compost turning machine performance introduction:
Chicken manure turning machine This equipment is a kind of large turning machine, with full hydraulic operating system, lever steering wheel operation, crawler type walking, turning width up to 3 meters and height up to 1.5 meters. The 3000 model stacker is a large stacker in the stacker and dumper industry. It can also be seen from the shape alone that it has obvious advantages, strong turning ability, large output, suitable for use in large-scale organic fertilizer plants. The FD-3000 crawler hydraulic stacker is sturdy and durable, with strong power. More importantly, it has a large output and strong dumping ability. It is known as the fighter in the stacker. In terms of walking, it relies on crawlers to walk, and the turning and throwing drum is adjusted by hydraulic lifting, which has a high degree of automation and simple operation. Large piles of organic materials are stacked in strips. With this equipment, not only can all of them be easily dumped, but also the large pieces of materials can be broken.