The introduction of the new type organic fertilizer granulator

 The fertilizer machine manufacturers according to different fertilizer type designed the different fertilizer granulator machine and the different fertilizer granulator machine have different type to be used.Today,this article will introduce the new type organic fertilizer granulator in this article.
The new type organic fertilizer granulator machine are always be used in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,which is designed for producing the oranic fertilizer granulator.The fertilizer granulator machine of making the organic fertilizer granulator is a new type fertilizer machine,and it is not only can make multiple organic material to make fertilizer granulator,it also can make the raw material of crude fiber to make granulator which it is difficult to make fertilizer granulator using the common fertilizer granulator. And the new type organic fertilizer granulator using the method of the wet continuous rod to make fertilizer granulator.The raw material that can use the fertilizer machine to make also have many,like the farming straw,liquor,slag,dregs and animal waste etc.The effect of using the fertilizer granulator to make granulator of the raw material which it has been fermented using the fermention compost turner machine,the ball rate can get to the 96%,the balling rate is so high.

The fertilizer granulator machine also include other types,like the rotary drum granulator always be used in the npk fertilizer production.And in the different fertilizer manufacturing process using the different fertilizer granulator machines to make different fertilizer granulator,and the using of the  fertilizer granulator machine is a main fertilizer machine in the producing process.Well,the new type organic fertilizer granulator have different type and you can choose the type acording to your producivity.
We can supply some professional suggestions about the choose of producing the organic fertilizer granultor according to your different fertilizer raw material for you if you have any question about the fertilizer machine or the fertilizer production,and you also can leave a message for us.