Installation sequence of chicken manure dryer in organic fertilizer equipment

The installation of chicken manure dryer of organic fertilizer equipment shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the above assembly drawing and foundation drawing. Before the installation of chicken manure dryer of organic fertilizer equipment, its parts and accessories shall be checked, wiped, cleaned and complete. As the organic fertilizer equipment chicken manure dryer is a long and large equipment, it should be installed in this order and method:

1. Draw the foundation line: correctly make the cross line, elevation line and center mark on the foundation mark plate. The embedding of the center mark plate shall be convenient and accurate, and it shall be considered that the machine base will not be covered after installation.

2. Installation of base and tug: level the position of sizing block, draw the center line of base and tug, find out the installation position of base and tug according to the requirements of the drawing, level and place them in the right place, grout the foundation hole first, tighten the anchor bolts when the concrete reaches a certain strength, and then install the cylinder of sand dryer after passing the recheck.

3. Installation of cylinder and rolling ring: first install the rolling ring on the cylinder. The concave joints required for fixation shall be staggered in one positive and one negative configuration, and adjust the thickness of sizing block to maintain corresponding clearance between the rolling ring and the concave joint. Do not be consistent, and spot weld the bolt head of the concave joint and the cylinder.

4. Install the big gear: before installation, check that the interface of the mating surface shall be free of collision marks, clean the contact surface between the big gear and the cylinder, carefully align the two half gears and tighten the interface bolts, and then install the big gear on the cylinder. Rotate the cylinder and check the radial runout and lateral swing of the big gear until the calibration is qualified.

5. Installation of pinion, reducer and motor: according to the installed large gear, adjust the meshing parameters of large gear and pinion to meet the specified requirements of the equipment, and fix the position of pinion and reducer motor.

6. Install the gear cover: keep it evenly away from the edge of the gear.

After the above work is completed, the secondary grouting shall be carried out, and the grouting requirements shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of civil design. The installation review and commissioning related to grouting shall be carried out simultaneously to ensure the installation quality of chicken manure dryer of organic fertilizer equipment.